Quest: Talk to Bobbi (Miscellaneous)

Posted by johnhighway on November 19, 2015

Fo4bobbidoor.jpgYou'll need to talk to Bobbi in order to start the quest "The Big Dig".

Arriving at the town of GoodNeighbor, I discovered that Bobbi's door was locked and the slide plate on the door was closed. Couldn't talk to Bobbi or pick the lock. I decided to check out the town. Upon arriving at the establishment called "The Third Rail", I encountered the town's leader, Hancock, giving a speech about the evils of the "Institute". You'll need to wait until the entire dialog concludes.

Once that conversation completes, you'll need to walk back over to Bobbi's door and when you approach the door, the slide plate will open and you'll see Bobbi's face through the opening.


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